The Big Four

The Big Four of Business is designed for the entrepreneur or business owner. Putting all of the pieces of a business together can be really challenging and quite honestly a lonely place. Our team provides you with over 300+ years of combined experience in serving business owners, their businesses and families. Our team of professionals include Certified Financial Planners, Business Strategist, Tax Strategist, Certified Public Accountants, Marketing Professionals, Real Estate Professionals and more. This team will help to provide the clarity, peace of mind and business that you have always desired.

Whether you are an established business or just getting started it is important to master the four key elements of any business. The Big Four is made up of Marketing, Human Capital, Real Estate and Financials.


All revenue begins with marketing. There are no sales or cash flow until someone know that you exist. Therefore we want to begin with our focus on marketing and the relevant numbers associated with marketing. Yes, we said, numbers. Marketing is much more of a “nerd” sport than most give credit. Knowing the key numbers is essential to any good marketing strategy.

– Your Marketing Budget

– Client Acquisition Cost

– Average Revenue Per Client

– Cost Per Marketing Segment/Acquisition Per Segment

Human Capital

In Jim Collins Best Selling Book, Good To Great, he discusses the importance of putting good people on the bus but also making sure they are in the right seat! Therefore our Big Four Process addresses hiring as well as retaining those good people. Some strategies for maintaining good or key employees:

– Properly Structured Compensation/Incentives

– Proper Contracts to include Geographical Boundaries and more

– Employee Retention Tools

– Executive Bonus Programs

– Benefits

Real Estate


Real Estate can be a tremendous wealth building tool. Utilizing your business to purchase real estate can also serve as a great tax management tool and retirement vehicle. The Big Four Process helps a business owner understand how and when this could be advantageous for their business. Things to consider:

– Are you Bank Ready? Presenting Your Financials

– Loan Structure and Funding

– Private Reserve Strategy for Real Estate

– Leasing Property Back to Your Business

– Accelerated Depreciation

Business Financials

Most Business Owners didn’t start their business to keep books and look at spreadsheets. They began their business because of a passion or desire for serving others through their business. While this often true a business owner needs to have the proper financial team and financial systems in place to stay out of trouble with the IRS and maintain a growing business. Properly structured financials creates metrics allowing a business owner to know when to accelerate or slow down in key areas. Some areas to consider in Business


The Need for Redundant Systems

– Fraud Protection

– Sound Tax and Accounting Principles

– Utilizing ALL Current Tax Strategies

– Key Performance Indicators

– No Commingling of Business & Personal Funds

– Updates to Buy/Sell Agreements and Disability Buyouts

– Annual Business Valuations Completed

Putting together all of the pieces can be overwhelming but when working with a skilled team in place you can spend more time enjoying your life. If you would like to learn more about The Big Four Package we would like to invite you to a phone call or a visit to one of our offices near you.

BE Intentional

For years we had seen clients who were financially successful yet weren’t truly successful people. Having a large bank account isn’t what we deem true financial success. After studying this situation, we created Drive Planning to address and help our members move towards real success.

After research and surveying Drive Planning determined that truly successful people typically were Relationally Rich, Physically Fit and Financially Free. This program is designed to help people create an intentional approach towards true success. We will hold you accountable to goals in each of these three areas.

Relationally Rich – We will help each person to identify their personal communication strengths and tendencies through on-line cognative testing. In addition, we will use additional tools to help partners (business partners, dating couples, married couples) assess how they should be communicating with each other.

Physically Fit – It is proven that individuals who are physically fit have a higher success rate in business, relationships and life. We will work with you to provide fitness goals for individuals or as a couple. Daily exercise is often contributed to increased patience throughout the day as well as higher achievement and promotions in the workplace. These advantages along with better health make it a pillar in a successful life.

Financially Free – Being financially free is a goal that we want all of our Members to achieve! Drive Planning applies our team approach to helping our Members create financial freedom.

We begin with finding money that is being lost either unknowingly or unnecessarily in five key areas:


-Retirement Plan Funding

-How Someone Pays for Their Home

-How Someone Pays/Plans for Their Own or Their Children’s College Education

-How Someone makes Major Purchases (Cars, Vacations, Investments, Business)

Once these funds are identified we seek to re-direct these funds back into their life to help them achieve their hopes and dreams.


If this seems like a planning process that would create the life you desire please join us in our office to learn more.

Engaged or Newly Wed Package

We believe that it is important for engaged or newly-wed couples to start out on the right path. Each person in a relationship brings in hopes, dreams and expectations. Drive Planning creates a platform for a couple to understand each others desires and create a path to achieve them together.


This planning package allows for couples to explore their Love Languages, Communications Strengths, Weaknesses and natural tendencies. An understanding along with a plan will ensure that a couple stays Relationally Rich.


How many times have you ever seen a couple get married only to let the busy nature of life and married life interfere with their zest for working out and their personal fitness routines. Our goal is to help couples create goals and routines to achieve individually and as a couple. A personal fitness plan is one of the best ways to deal with some of the new stresses that accompany a new lifestyle.
Finances are one of the leading causes of stress/arguments in a relationship. Creating a plan together allows for Drive Planning to work as a team with the couple to achieve their Hopes and Dreams but also to address the roadblocks that can become stumbling blocks. So, no more having to rely on advice from in-laws/outlaws and relatives; our team is here to help guide you on the road to financial freedom.


This approach to starting well will ideally allow you to finish well!


If you feel this is a program that would benefit you or someone you love please contact us to learn more through a phone call or visit to one of our offices.

The Smart Girls Guide To Money

There are many unique challenges that single women face today. Whether in healthcare, long-term planning or investment planning this package was designed to create the financial success desired by single ladies. Drive Planning boasts over 300+ years of combined experience on our planning team which is comprised of Certified Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants, Investment Strategist, Real Estate Professionals and More.

We believe that our team approach and this package has attributed to approximately 65+% of our Membership is female. Our planning process begins with identifying your Hopes and Dreams and creating a strategy to help you achieve your goals.

The process will find money that is being lost either unknowingly or unnecessarily in five key areas:

– Taxes

– Retirement Plan Funding

– How Someone Pays for Their Home

– How Someone Pays/Plans for Their Own or Their Children’s College Education

– How Someone makes Major Purchases (Cars, Vacations, Investments, Business)

Once these funds are identified we seek to re-direct these funds back into their life to help them achieve the life you desire. If you would like to learn more about The Smart Girl’s Guide to Money we would like to invite you to a phone call or to our office to learn more.