Financial Consultant and Coach

Jeffrey Howard

Florida • Georgia • Indiana • California

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Jeffrey Howard's Bio

For over 24 years, I have been a business coach and consultant focusing on helping small business entrepreneurs to launch or scale their dream businesses.  After about 15 years of working with entrepreneurs, it became apparent that there was a gaping hole in the educational foundation for most entrepreneurs…actually, for most people in general.

What is clearly missing in our educational system is financial literacy training and opportunities for “regular” people to have access to the tools and strategies of the wealthy.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or working at your job, I can assist you through financial literacy education, debt elimination tools, legacy protection strategies and powerful financial vehicles to rapidly accelerate your financial knowledge and the growth of your hard-earned money.

Through my own company and my extensive network of financial professionals, I provide coaching and consulting, educational courses, strategies, funding options, family and business protection tools and opportunities to accelerate your wealth and asset base faster than you ever imagined.

Let me know how I can help you achieve your financial goals!