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I’ve had more jobs in my life than I’ve had cars, and I’ve had a lot of cars. Any job I’ve had was always a means to an end of working for myself, controlling my success, and keeping in God’s very good graces. I treated any company that I worked for as if I owned it, or at least had a large stake in its success.

I’ve taught at a university level, been a public speaker, and have even been an extra in a few movies.

I spent several years with NFIB, the National Federation of Independent Business, and also NWYC, National Write Your Congressman; two very stellar organizations in helping small business people and patriotic Americans be aware of what is going on politically and how they can be active in having a real voice. I loved both positions as I love working with business owners.

I’ve also worked with a few really good companies that serve vulnerable adults. TLC, REM, Peace of Mind; and before those years I worked for Progressive Healthcare Solutions installing the original “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” people.

I now own and operate Ask LLC. (All Solutions Known), offering consulting in Advocacy, Branding, and Cash Flow strategies (that’s where Drive Planning comes in).

My love has always been with business people and really, people in general. That’s why at Drive Planning, many of my clients are those in business or exiting business and looking for tax mitigation along with other options to use their money today instead of putting it away for a time when they are not able to enjoy it fully, as it is taxed and has been eaten by inflation.

In my years of life, I’ve learned that it is wise to surround yourself with people smarter than yourself. My background and expertise is in business consulting. Though Financial Consulting has been a small part of my past business consulting work, I’m blessed with an excellent team at Drive Planning who I can go to when I need more information and help with my client’s needs. So when you work with me; you really are getting the combined experience of more than 300 years of great financial minds.

I live in Superior Wisconsin (for those of you who have never heard of it, get a map and you’ll see it’s located at the westernmost part of Lake Superior). My friend, mentor, and senior associate at Drive Planning is Gerry Lenarducci in the Indianapolis office. I work virtually anywhere in the USA.

I would love to work with you to help you keep more, make more and live more; today! Notice that I didn’t say, “Save more”. You’ll never save your way to wealth, and wealth isn’t just money.

Before you leave here, please leave me a message or email me right now at

Make it a great day!

Work History
  • Ask LLC – Owner/Consultant
    2020 – Present
  • My faith in God is important to me in all I do.
  • When I’m not helping people to control their money and assets instead of the other way around, I play guitar (perform a Johnny Cash Tribute Show)
  • I love to do graphic design and paint.