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Transform your financial future with Drive Planning so you can Keep More, Make More and Live More. 


Our philosophy

At Drive Planning we are a comprehensive financial group. We understand that investments and financial planning can feel overwhelming, that’s why we want to guide you in your journey to a successful financial future.

Our personalized approach to financial planning tailors our strategies to your unique needs. We will walk alongside you and together we will craft a plan that suits your goals and gets you excited about your future.

Keep More

Our wealth building strategies will keep your money growing and safe from inflation, taxation, litigation, market fluctuation and devastation.

Make More

Using the financial strategies that the extremely wealthy have used for decades, we will create a plan for you to make more with your money.

Live More

Our financial planning will ensure that you can have a wealthy retirement and make you confident that you will not outlive your money.


Explore our Private Investments

Get more control over your financial life by choosing an investment that aligns with your goals. Our private investments bring you the opportunity to invest in short, mid or long-term investments.

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Investment approach

At Drive Planning we help direct our members to a variety of investment types. One common goal is to create an investment portfolio which offers greater control over your return, taxation and potentially guarantees. We assist our members in moving away from Statement Wealth and into more Contractual Wealth arrangements. Our investment portfolio consists of traditional stocks and bonds but goes well beyond Wall Street with offerings such as energy projects, real estate, storage units, film and television, CBD Oil and other business opportunities.

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Investment Opportunities



Many accountants focus on solely reporting the results and offering very little strategic advice. We believe that significant tax savings comes through planning which utilizes the entire tax code. This type of planning is often reserved for the super wealthy, not any longer. Drive Planning is bringing strategic tax saving moves to your financial plan.

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How We work

1. Financial GPS

We start by gathering your data so that we can better understand your financial life.

2. Financial model

We input your data into a financial model and uncover red flags and opportunities.

3. Working together

Armed with knowledge of your financial life, we start working together to ensure that you make the right financial moves to guarantee a better future.


Start a Career at Drive Planning

We are continuously looking for great people to join our Drive Planning Team. We have a number of career options and training to support seasoned veterans all the way to career changers. Take a few minutes to learn more about our firm and how you may be a fit.

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