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Welcome to Drive Planning

Our Philosophy

Drive Planning is designed to create an intentional approach to a successful life. So, what is the definition of a successful life? After research and surveying Drive Planning determined that truly successful people typically were Relationally Rich, Physically Fit and Financially Free.

Keep More

We will use strategies to help you keep more of your wealth.

Make More

Our strategies will help you make more with your money.

Live More

We will use strategies that allow you to live more today and in the future.

Our Offerings

Portfolio Management


Drive Planning partners with some of the best money managers in the world. Based upon your specific portfolio; we will work to ensure that your portfolio is designed and managed so that you’re reaching your Hopes and Dreams. Our portfolio managers have won numerous industry awards for their strategic portfolios. Sophisticated strategies for your investment portfolio can help you to avoid some of the ups and downs of volatile markets. We have hand chosen the best within the industry to work with our Drive Planning Members. Contact us today for a portfolio review.

Portfolio Management
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Financial Planning


Each of our financial planning processes are designed to create clarity for our Members. When making financial decisions it is helpful to have a team of professionals with over 300 years of collective experience on your side. Our team approach provides our Members with Certified Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Senior Advisors, Chartered Financial Analyst, Investment Advisors, Real Estate Professionals Tax Strategist and more. This team of professionals utilizes financial models and software to identify strategies to help achieve your Hopes and Dreams.

Financial Planning
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Private Investments


At Drive Planning we help direct our members to a variety of investment types. One common goal is to create an investment portfolio which offers greater control over your return, taxation and potentially guarantees. We assist our members in moving away from Statement Wealth and into more Contractual Wealth arrangements. Our investment portfolio consists of traditional stocks and bonds but goes well beyond Wall Street with offerings such as energy projects, real estate, storage units, film and television, CBD Oil and other business opportunities.

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Tax Strategies


Many accountants focus on solely reporting the results and offering very little strategic advice. We believe that significant tax savings comes through planning which utilizes the entire tax code. This type of planning is often reserved for the super wealthy, not any longer. Drive Planning is bringing strategic tax saving moves to your financial plan.

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Self Directed IRA’s


Self Directed Retirement Accounts are designed for the person who desires investment opportunities which go beyond traditional Wall Street investments. Within your Self Directed IRA we can point you towards assets which create a more predictable outcome; we refer to this as Contractual Wealth.

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Our Expert Team Will Guide You To Success.


When you engage as a Member of Drive Planning you gain access to our team approach. Our team approach allows you to benefit from over 300 years of combined experience in serving people just like you. Our team consists of Certified Financial Planners, Certified Senior Advisors, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Analysts, Tax Strategist, Real Estate Professionals, Marketing Specialists and more.

Meet Our Team

Careers At Drive Planning


We are continuously looking for great people to join our Drive Planning Team. We have a number of career options and training to support seasoned veterans all the way to career changers. Take a few minutes to learn more about our firm and how you may be a fit.