Drive Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose a Drive Planning membership?
A Drive Planning Membership provides you with a team approach to growing personally and professionally. Our team affords you with over 300 years of experience as opposed to going it alone.

The process provides you with action items every 90 days to guide you towards being Relationally Rich, Physically Fit and Financially Free.

What are the qualifications to be considered an accredited investor?
An individual must have earned income exceeding $200,000, or $300,000 when combined with a spouse, during each of the previous two full calendar years, and a reasonable expectation of the same for the current year. The same method (single or joint) must be applied to the income test in all three years.

An individual must have a net worth greater than $1 million (either alone or combined with a spouse), excluding the person’s primary residence.

Why should I choose Drive Planning for financial advice?
Our process delivers solutions to create true success. In addition, our financial consultants provide solutions that can go beyond traditional Wall Street investments thus creating more contractual wealth arrangements.
How do I know my investments are safe?
Drive Planning is not a custodian for investments therefore, your investments are actually held with the actual investment provider. While we always strive for our Members to move towards contractual wealth there is always risks when investing. You should vet each opportunity for the associated risks.
Do you all help me to evaluate mortgage choices?
Yes, That is certainly one of the areas that we explore. We work with mortgage professionals and have software to analyze each decision.