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I am an innovative and “outside the box” thinker with close to 20 years experience in Financial services, Business Development and Product Development. When I lost both my father at a young age and my wife at the young age of 28  to a horrible illness, it lit a fire in me that tomorrow is not promised so do all you can to make a difference for others today. I am driven to educate, consult and be involved with programs that make a real tangible impact for people and the community as a whole. I have had the blessing of getting mentored like a son at a young age by some affluent people that introduced me to the way the velocity of money really works… and how simple it really can be to build contractual wealth over statement wealth. Allowing you to live more with certainty and plan more with full control.

I am a Keynote speaker all over the country and involved in multiple masterminds.  I believe in the “Always Be Learning and Growing” mentality. My passion is to help people fully eliminate Banks and Wall street manipulation out of their life, so they live the life they always dreamed while creating the Legacy their family deserves. All while setting it up for generations to come.   It is time everyone understands and implements the strategies the wealthy have implemented for decades.

I reside in Zionsville, IN and I am re-married to my wife Brooke, also a young widow. We both believe God gave them both a second chance at life and having a family.  They are blessed with  three beautiful children.