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Jason Mayo

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Jason Mayo's Bio

Jason Mayo is a seasoned leader with a rich background in military service, real estate, and finance. A proud veteran, Jason dedicated 21 years to the United States Marine Corps, where he excelled as an Infantryman. Throughout his military career, he undertook multiple deployments across various countries, each time demonstrating unmatched resilience and strategic acumen.

Jason’s extensive experience in the Marine Corps honed his skills in leadership, training, and operations. His ability to lead teams under high-stress conditions and navigate complex challenges translated seamlessly into his civilian career pursuits.

After retiring from the Marine Corps, Jason transitioned into the real estate industry, leveraging his discipline and leadership skills to excel in property management and sales. His journey in real estate equipped him with critical insights into market dynamics and investment strategies, skills he soon carried into the world of finance.

Currently, Jason is a finance professional, where he applies his analytical prowess and strategic thinking to enhance financial operations and client satisfaction. His deep understanding of risk management, coupled with his ability to adapt and innovate, makes him a valuable asset in any financial setting.

Jason’s unique blend of military discipline, real estate expertise, and financial acumen allows him to bring a distinct perspective to the table, benefiting his clients and colleagues alike. He continues to embody the values of integrity and excellence instilled in him during his time with the Marines, making significant impacts across industries.

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Work History

Financial Strategist

Drive Planning

2024 – Present

Director of Operations/Sales Agent

Ferris Realty Group

2021 – 2024

Infantry Unit Leader

United States Marine Corps

2000 – 2021