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Joshua Marshman

North Carolina

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Joshua Marshman's Bio

Simply put, the empowerment of others is my life goal. Empowerment is defined as the encouragement of someone, to make them stronger, better, and more confident. I believe this is the most impactful way of serving; to teach the man how to fish versus simply giving them a fish. Imagine with me a community of empowered people working together to change the world. It seems glorious, but can soon become daunting. However when that community realizes that they can’t change the world in a moment, but are changing the world with every little drop in the bucket, they become empowered to continue moving forward every day. Through the years, this is what my passion has become; empowering others to work together for a better world through continued efforts of practical energy positioned in the right direction. This passion in combination with years of professional experience, and my education of engineering systems, I would love the opportunity to engineer systems that help you to Keep More, Make More, & Live More.

Through my family upbringing, local church, overseas travel, and various nonprofits, I have been privileged to participate in a multitude of community service. All of it has culminated in a love of seeing the world change through togetherness and the efficacy to empower others to act. It would bring me great joy to help provide this energy to your wealth building journey.

  • Exploring the outdoors
  • Skiing
  • Spending time with my family
Work History

Founder/Lead Strategic Coach – Resilient Hope Coaching
2021 – Present