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Aimee Spencer

DC Metro Area - DC, MD, VA

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Aimee Spencer's Bio

Aimee’s journey is shaped by a robust background in conventional wholesale banking, financing, and real estate investments. Driven by a persistent curiosity about the intricacies of money, she has delved into uncharted territories, studying the wealthy; unearthing uncommon financial strategies. Aimee is an unapologetic contrarian of conventional wisdom.

On her path, Aimee has been fortunate to be mentored by the foremost minds in wealth and tax strategy, propelling her understanding of nuanced financial approaches. Financial planning is different from the consumer’s perspective, it’s driven by product presentation. Aimee ruminites that it should be more about strategizing how to orchestrate financial decisions. Aimee credits her life-changing experiences to a shift in mindset, the importance of positive intelligence and prayer. Having grown up in an environment that feared most of the strategies and ideas she practices today, it’s only by grace that these shifts happen.

For those who may find financial freedom elusive, Aimee issues a daring invitation to dream. She encourages others to embrace lifelong learning, new ideas, and more books. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

Residing in Alexandria, VA, Aimee shares her life with her husband and two athlete boys. Find them on a baseball diamond, in an icehouse, on the slopes, near the ocean; anywhere they can find adventure, fun and laughter.