Financial Consultant

Aimee Spencer

DC Metro Area – MD, DC, VA

Aimee Spencer's Bio

With a background in conventional wholesale banking, financing, real estate investments; a persistent curiosity about how money works has led Aimee to unearth uncommon financial strategies. She has long questioned the conventional accumulation methods of wealth. On this journey, she has found herself being mentored by the top minds in wealth and tax strategy. Aimee wants to help others that are open to thinking critically about how money works. It has changed her life immensely and she attributes it largely to mindset and would be remiss if she didn’t mention lots of prayer. For those that cannot fathom financial freedom, she dares you to dream. There is so much that to learn about how money really works, that if you are willing to learn life as you know it will shift.

Aimee lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband and two athlete boys. In her spare time, you can find her either on a baseball diamond, in an icehouse, on the slopes with her family, or striking a tree pose and getting grounded with a clear mind. #blessed