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Cynthia Kerstiens's Bio

My professional journey has been guided by a singular passion: making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. From my early days as a legal secretary, to the dynamic worlds of finance, real estate and healthcare, each role was chosen with the intent to offer support and guidance.

As a real estate broker, franchise owner, and partner in building and development, I was driven by a desire to help families find their perfect homes. As a licensed nurse, I tended to individuals at their most vulnerable moments. And, as a Reverse Mortgage Specialist, I help seniors obtain a pathway to financial security.

Each career pivot was underpinned by an unwavering dedication to uplift and assist, leading me to the transformative work I do now with Drive Planning.

As a Consultant for Drive Planning, I’ve witnessed the profound impact the program can have on individuals of every age. This is not just about investment; it’s about empowerment, providing people with the tools to secure their financial future. Through our unique private real estate investment program, you can build a robust income stream, akin to having a steadfast career working in your favor.

Before advising others, I personally invested in the REAL Program, to ensure I could offer firsthand insights to my clients. This program defies the misconception that existing wealth or extensive retirement savings are prerequisites for financial growth. With the right opportunities, anyone can achieve their financial dreams. It is this belief that I carry into my work every day, driven by the knowledge that through the Drive Planning REAL program, I can continue to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of many.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from the life or retirement you deserve. Reach out to me today with your questions, and let’s explore how we can unlock a brighter, more secure future together. Your path to financial freedom is just a conversation away – let’s take that first step together.

  • Pickleball
  • Boating
  • Mexican Food & Margaritas
  • Entertaining & Social Functions
  • Quality Time With Family & Friends
  • Holidays – Especially Christmas
Work History
  • Reverse Mortgage Specialist
    2015 – Present
  • Broker – Drive Planning
    May 2023 – Present