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Jenae Murphy


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Jenae Murphy's Bio

Born and raised in Boston MA, Jenae Murphy has strived and continues to strive in the area of finance due to personal turmoil that she incurred. Jenae became one of her 4 maternal siblings to be raised by her maternal Haitian grandmother. Her grandmother only spoke Haitian creole in the household hence creating a language barrier and communication became vital for the sake of understanding one another. The understanding of communication was so important to Jenae that she started her college career as a communications major. Years later, Jenae became a mom of two girls and returned to school as a single mom and received her Bachelors degree in Human Services. In the midst of the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic, a light bulb went off and Jenae heard information that can be transformative to everyone she knows. Ways to have a peace of mind and elevate in the safest ways. That’s when she became an insurance agent and leaned towards educating the community, family and friends about ways to make their money work for them. Jenae became a board member for the Connect 24 Business Alliance as well as the Family Self Sufficiency Program through Brockton Housing Authority. Jenae intends to continue educating as many people as possible to understand that there is a way out with the right info. Hence creating a peace of mind!